UBM Event

#UBM Umbria Best Match is an event that was created with the idea of ​​promoting our territory through:

• Life culture
• Eating good & healthy
• Nature and open air sports activities
• Being testimony of life experiences intended as having care of soul and body well-being

The Idea involves the “adoption” of 50 people, boys and girls, coming from unprivileged regions (Terra dei Fuochi, Scampia, Quartieri Spagnoli) that have chosen a different way to criminality to serve others, thank to sport and life culture.
The objective is telling and living a story in Umbra, land rich of life and spirituality. This means being able to give a dream through two days, practicing sports and interacting with world-class athletes.
The vision is to create an event that promotes nationally the typical products of our land, according to that synergy that merges the earth with the predominant elements that enhance and attract flows of tourism in Umbria.