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Personaggi essenziali pieni di colore che rappresentano una ad una le birre dei F.lli Perugini Visit Essential characters full of color who represent one by one the beers of the Perugini brothers Visit

F.lli Perugini logo 2021

Un logo per due Fratelli, artigiani amanti della loro terra e del loro lavoro. Visit A logo for two brothers, artisans who love their land and their work. Visit

Logotipo, comics and web idea for WINE CHALET by Me

A Todi, nel cuore della verde Umbria, a pochi passi dal Roccafiore Wine Resort & Spa e vicinissimo alla Cantina Roccafiore, sorge il Wine Chalet. Visit In Todi, in the heart of green Umbria, a few steps from the Roccafiore Wine Resort & Spa and very close to the .. .




La mia idea del web per esaltare la semplicità e la genuinità del ristorante Fiorfiore. My web idea to enhance the simplicity and authenticity of the Fiorfiore restaurant.  


A logo for an enchanted place, where genuineness reigns supreme, from here on at the Fiorfiore restaurant in Todi you can breathe a whole new air. Un logo per un posto incantato, dove la genuinità ne fa da padrone, da qui in avanti al ristorante Fiorfiore di Todi si respira .. .


A new logo and a new website,) Visit new web site - Un nuovo logo e un nuovo sito web ,) Visita il nuovo sito web -   @2018 @start 2012    

22122017 – Sinapsi’s Christmas lunch day


My irreverent and controversial communication for ABISS

Telling about gender differences or religious habits on the part of marketing has always proved to be a dangerous territory, as a winning one. Public opinion has never exempted itself from fueling the controversy, before grasping the true meaning of the creativity they were seeing. Raccontare le differenze di genere .. .


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Cioccolateria Vetusta Nursia – 1985 Gabriele Verucci

THX To Grabiele Verucci ♥ DL.  

TauTV sketch book

A sketch book, for lovers of beautiful, and recycled paper.  

R&C Palazzo Seneca Journeys 2017/2018

From the Journal of 2016/17 to the Journeys of 2017/18, a real manual to spend unforgettable moments at Palazzo Seneca in Norcia. A modern design, in true typographic style, a work done in 100% recycled paper, in the respect of the ambient, for a concrete help to supporting the ethical .. .

IBM Electrographic

IBM MOM Electeographic pencil  


Dalle stampe sulle magliette a quelle sulle tazze, dai cappellini agli accendini, passando per portachiavi, matite, quadri, omaggiato dai campioni nelle partite di seri A, I ❤ NORCIA il brand simbolo della nostra piccola cittadina riceve il segno distintivo di marchio registrato. Dietro al logo c'è molto di più, c'è .. .

20170909 – NORCIA, bell tower of Sant’ Antonio’s monastery

20170909 – Norcia, Chiesa del Crocifisso

Moments of head

Head-to-Head, the new developer generations. Where the hair "speaks" : D  

20170831 – Into the lawn

So many friends and their smiles on our lawn

Francesco loves Norcia

Even to Pope Francis, they like to joke ,)

20170826 – Norcia from the sky

Flight test and colors from the sky. The small town of Norcia is always a jewel .. . from above is even more beautiful.  

PPT – Panetteria Pasticceria del Teatro

A new rematch of the terrible last year earthquake. THX to Alessandra and Walter.

26082017 – Into the lawn

So many friends and their smiles on our lawn  


We are all the same, in the face of nature.

My contribute to Cascia’s farmers

​​Cooperativa agricola Cascia, this is the name of the brand that combining the renowned rural tradition of the Cascia hills with the new stylistic tendencies offers a typology of product dedicated to a lively Italian way of life, style and simplicity. Cooperativa agricola Cascia, questo e’ il nome del Brand .. .

L – My idea of a quality brand for pasta, Pasta Leopardi

Leopardi pasta is produced in a small, artisanal workshop in Norcia. The choice of semolina and eggs, and their careful preparation makes it a unique and special pasta; light and easily digestible, suitable for every kind of sauce.The hard grains that we use come from organic farms and are cultivated .. .


July 13, 2017 - I and Fra @ Umbria Jazz ,) #umbriajazz  

Feeling in calm

  Feeling in calm does its prosperity with its blown, ecstatic and never banal electronics, a set of thoughts tied to each other from the bottomless tranquility in a thrill of emotions. A first track that wants to be happy to make an album with the same name Feeling in .. .

Everyone should play

July 1, 2017 – From Brattiró to UjLovesNorcia with Renzo Arbore

A wonderful day started at Brattiró (Reggio Calabria) and ended with Renzo Arbore in Norcia. Una splendida giornata iniziata a Brattiró (Reggio Calabria) e terminata con Renzo Arbore a Norcia.    

20170701 – UJ I Love Norcia .. .

Umbria Jazz in Norcia, all other music .. . Umbria Jazz a Norcia, tutta un altra musica .. .  

20170630 – Marriage Maria Luisa Pugliese and Giancarlo Perella

Goof4 & friends @home

Thanks to our neighbors on board .. . Grazie ai nostri vicini a bordo sponda .. .  

Trip to Punta Prosciutto

My Bubble Bobble apk download for Android

For all those of my age who have lost the young age in front of this video game in the game room. Emanuele Lo Smilzo: Give away the lira! Download from here ,) Per tutti quelli della mia età che hanno perso la giovane età davanti a questo video game .. .

ILN emoji kiss tshirt

Vincenzo: Make something for Norcia with the "messages faces". At authorized ILN dealers :P Vincenzo: Inventati qualche cosa per Norcia con le "faccine dei messaggi". Presso i rivenditori autorizzati ILN :P  

Corpus Christi, by the sea ,)

Umbria Jazz ♥ Norcia | 2017 7 1/2

UJ ♥ ILN Umbria jazz ♥ Norcia We ♥ UJ and We ♥ to be simple _____________ 2017 7 1/2 ♥ Umbria Jazz in Norcia Made with ♥ .. . thx to UJ   On the 1st of July, 2017, at the "Umbria Jazz ♥ Norcia" event in Norcia will be available the limited edition "UJ .. .


Just as a nation's flag expresses the distinct identity of a country, so, too, a logotype — typically a symbol or letters — helps to establish the name and define the character of a corporation. Effective logos become synonymous with the organizations they portray. They are instantly recognized by millions .. .