HideawaySound 3

HideawaySound 3 is an album conditioned by a research of sophisticated electronic and mystics sounds. An album where you can perceive a structure of unusual electronic sounds environment.
The artists included in the collection are: Arnór Dan, David August, Luc Angenehm, Robag Wruhme, Dave DK, Cubicolor, Stimming, Ost & Kjex, Christian_Loeffler, Joris Voorn .. .


Send your HideawaySound promo to daniele.liberti@gmail.com

The idea is to collect new unconventional electronic music.
Mixed and molded, to be a new model of sound.

A collection of songs, by known and unknown artists.
Send your song to be easily evaluated to enter the upcoming release of Hideawaysound.

Thanks to all those who produce music for the culture, and not just to sell.
Enjoy the sound 😉