Angular 2 & Big G Material design

High-quality UI components built with Angular 2 and TypeScript, following the Material Design spec. These components will serve as an example of how to write Angular code following best practices.  


After the earthquake of October 30th 2016, in the city of Norcia it sounded a gloomy grave note, it almost seems like we have missed our identity. Many people roll up their sleeves, three young girls too in confidence to the future of Norcia, ask me a name and a logo .. .

Magrelli events

    My writing as a place for a new company that organizes events. Simple, clean and French style. Good job to the two founding brothers,)


Per tutti coloro che avessero voglia e possibilità di venirsi a fare una passeggiata a Norcia e aiutarci a raccogliere i fiori dello Zafferano ... Sappiate che noi vi aspettiamo a braccia aperte abbiamo davvero bisogno di voi!! Ilaria Amici 3317182410

Norcia & Sorrento: Food for the planet night & day

24 Relais & Châteaux properties and restaurants in Italy invite you to a culinary voyage with 43 four-hands dinners. From the North to the South of Italy, you will taste the local savours and explore the culinary creations of our chefs, discovering the Art de Vivre of Relais & Châteaux. .. .

HideawaySound 3

HideawaySound 3 is an album conditioned by a research of sophisticated electronic and mystics sounds. An album where you can perceive a structure of unusual electronic sounds environment. The artists included in the collection are: Arnór Dan, David August, Luc Angenehm, Robag Wruhme, Dave DK, Cubicolor, Stimming, Ost & Kjex, .. .

Change android resolution without “root”

On Your phone Settings > About Phone > Build number > Tap it 7 times to become developer. Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.   On Your PC or Mac Install ADB ( From your shell/console digit adb shell wm size widhtPXxheightPX   Nexus 5, 5X and 6P example .. .

HideawaySound 2

HideawaySound 2 wants to be the growth of the number of different sounds is not known . Listen and comment on soundcloud . Send your HideawaySound promo to - The idea is to collect new unconventional electronic music. Mixed and molded, to be a new model of sound. .. .

Fragility of the superheroes

  What if Superman was born in the sixteenth century? And what if the Hulk was a Duke? How might Van Eyck have portrayed Snow White? Sacha’s discovery of these characters, which goes back to childhood, gave birth to a desire to re-appropriate them, to take them back to a .. .

Chef’s Adventure

  With pleasure I made a logo for Chef's seeking adventure. The collaboration with Vincenzo Bianconi the realization of an idea from the pleasant result. Without another word I advise you to better understand what it is from the site made ​​by me.